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ACCA is short for Associate of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a professional accounting qualification accepted worldwide and has a great demand in the Financial Market. NorthStar Academy provides the best ACCA course in Bangalore and it has a huge student base who have trusted the techniques used for teaching them and this is the main reason why we are on the top when it comes to ACCA qualification. The course content is packed with all necessary details and has each concept in store right from the basics to the advanced level.

A strong foundation is provided to the students as well as professionals who want a great career in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Treasury Management, Tax Consulting, etc. The education certificate acquired is recognised globally. The qualification offered by pursuing ACCA course is business relevant and helps a student to seek a rewarding career across the globe in Accountancy, Management and Finance. ACCA coaching is provided by us and we aim to prepare accountants for business.

ACCA at NorthStar Academy
  • NorthStar Academy is quite known famous coaching institute in Bangalore that provides the best ACCA course in India. It has great experience in the industry and is teaching several students every year. ACCA coaching is provided through classroom sessions and online videos in all major cities of India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc. The results of the students are amazing each year.The ACCA tuition provided has a very comprehensive course content and there are various MCQ sessions included in between the training. This way students can understand the concepts better and every topic is explained in-details along with the basics. The training techniques used by NorthStar help students master the course with great ease.Students love the way we provide ACCA UK course as there are continuous revision sessions and mock exams. This is done to ensure that the topic is thoroughly understood.Study Material is provided by our institute that is helpful for classroom training to keep a track. Online question banks are available to a student when he enrols for the training that can be easily accessed from anywhere at any point in time. You can access it using your laptop, mobile or desktop. The main reason behind including mock tests is to make a student exam ready.
ACCA UK Course by the ACCA Training Institute in Bangalore
  • Several topics are learned by the students who opt to do ACCA course. ACCA preparation is offered by our institute and the course provides great career options in India as well as abroad. You can refer to the ACCA details provided to know better. The topics include Financial Accounting, Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Maintaining Chartered Accounts, etc.The course is ideal for candidates who want to pursue a career in various financial sectors and financial services including banks, consulting etc. With ACCA qualification a candidate can make statements related to the accounts and finances of a company and such reports are useful in decision-making. In-depth knowledge is provided on all topics and you get to know more about ACCA. A great opportunity to grow your career in ACCA Study.
About ACCA Faculty in ACCA coaching in Bangalore
  • ACCA Coaching in Bangalore by the best teacher is provided by NorthStar Academy is an educator in the Chartered Accountancy field for years now and he is an expert in the field of Accounts and Finance. He is very famous among the students of the Accountancy field and is well known for his teaching styles and techniques used for completing the whole syllabus well before time.Our faculty tries to provide practical approaches to the topics explained so that the students can understand the concept clearly and each information is provided. His classes are very interesting and observe full attendance as students don’t miss his sessions. Real-life approaches of the topics are taught to make them aware of the possible happenings.Is an active member of NorthStar Academy and is teaching many students year after year. He has a habit of teaching the course from the basics level so that students who don’t know much about the topic are also easily able to grab the concepts taught later. The syllabus is covered at a consistent pace and concepts are taught in detail.A student who is actively looking for an ACCA IFRS course can choose to attend the class of before he decides to join NorthStar for ACCA course. Because of such a great faculty, we provide the best ACCA course in Bangalore. Has been awarded various recognition certificates and awards for being a great teacher in accountancy background.
Advantages of Scope of ACCA tuition

A person who has acquired the certificate of ACCA then he can practice in India or can also travel abroad and start a profession there with equal respect. The certification is accepted worldwide and accountancy skills are acquired with the help of ACCA Coaching in Bangalore. The certification is extremely beneficial as professionals of the field are currently rendering their services in about 170 nations. Get certified from one of the best training institutes in Bangalore.
Following advantages are served:

● Globally Accepted
● A suffix is added to your name with the designation acquired as a “Chartered Certified Accountant”.
● The student can land lucrative career opportunities in the domain and many great job opportunities are available.
● The student can start his freelancing career in the industry as well.
● The skill set acquired is comprehensive and promotions along with increments are higher than any other profession.
● ACCA certification by our best training institute in Bangalore is equivalent to a full-time university degree.

ACCA Employers in India

ACCA professionals are easily placed at Big 4 companies like PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY. Many other MNCs actively look for ACCA professionals and companies that recruit ACCA professionals are –

  • Embassy Group
    ● Tata Grant Thornton
    ● HSBC
    ● Accenture
    ● Pepsico
    ● Shalimar Paints
    ● Tata Group
    ● Financial Institutions
    ● Banks

Average Salary of ACCA in India and Worldwide

The demand for ACCA certification exam has increased and job opportunities in the field are rising considerably. With such great increase, it is estimated that soon India will become one of the biggest markets at a global level for ACCA. ACCA professionals earn an average salary similar to that of a CA. The pay scale generally ranges between 4 lac to 10 lac per annum. However, it depends on the skill set, experience, competition, etc. ACCA course fees is not much as compared to the pay scale.

Average Salary of ACCA in India and Worldwide

The demand for ACCA certification exam has increased and job opportunities in the field are rising considerably. With such great increase, it is estimated that soon India will become one of the biggest markets at a global level for ACCA. ACCA professionals earn an average salary similar to that of a CA. The pay scale generally ranges between 4 lac to 10 lac per annum. However, it depends on the skill set, experience, competition, etc. ACCA course fees is not much as compared to the pay scale.

Career Opportunities

ACCA qualified professionals are placed as Financial Directors, Finance Managers, Business Analysts, Tax Accountants, Auditors, and Management Accountants.

Work at organizations of all sizes, industries and types, including


Audit and Assurance


Financial Accounting and Reporting


Management Accounting



ACCA Qualification – Advantages
  • Flexible entry requirement with option to plan study around their college and work.
  • Increased earning potential & career progression being one of the most preferred accountancy qualification by employers worldwide.
  • Based on international accounting standards with the options of studying local law and tax; making it relevant both in India and globally.
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Additional degree (BSc in Applied Accounting) from Oxford Brooks University offered
  • Paper-wise exemption for BCom, CA, CMA USA, etc., students.

Fundamental Level – Knowledge Module

  • F1 – Accountant in Business
  • F2 – Management Accounting
  • F3 – Financial Accounting

Certificate: Diploma in Accounting and Business


Skill Module

  • F4 – Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 – Performance Management
  • F6 – Taxation
  • F7 – Financial Reporting
  • F8 – Audit and Assurance
  • F9 – Financial Management

Certificate: Oxford Brooks University B.Sc in Applied Accounting & Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business


Essentials Module

  • P1 – Governance, Risk and Ethics
  • P2 – Corporate Reporting (UK or International)
  • P3 – Business Analysis

Optional Module (Any Two of the Following)

  • P4 – Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 – Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 – Advanced Taxation
  • P7 – Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International)

Certificate: ACCA Membership


There are a few criteria for ACCA course eligibility. The student must have completed 12th from Commerce stream and should have secured passing marks in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics. In English and Mathematics, marks obtained must be 65% or above and over 50% in others. Students pursuing graduation with a background of commerce subjects are also eligible for ACCA study. NorthStar Academy provides the best ACCA course in Bangalore.

All major ACCA course details, like ACCA course cost, ACCA Tuition providers, are mentioned. You can know more by giving us a phone call.

Passing Criteria

Minimum of 50 percent marks in each paper.

After passing all the papers in ACCA, an aspirant becomes an Affiliate and is elevated as Associate after completing three years’ professional experience (PER).


  • Fundamentals – 9 Papers (F1 to F9)
  • Professional – 5 Papers (P1 to P3 + 2 optional papers to be chosen from P4 to P7)
  • Papers F1 to F4 are MCQ’s and computer based exams (‘CBE’) and these papers may be taken at any time during the year.
  • The remaining 9 papers are paper based exams
  • All paper based exams for papers F5 to F9 and P1 to P7 are conducted 4 times a year in the months of March, June, September and December.
NSA Batches for ACCA

NSA provides ACCA aspirants in-depth coaching and imparts knowledge to its students on the requisite skills for acquiring the ACCA qualification. All ACCA batches commence on the below mentioned months each year:





Comparison – ACCA (U.K) and CA
Credentials issued byInstitute of Chartered Accountants of IndiaBritish Council
RecognitionIndian QualificationInternational Qualification
Academics20 papers14 papers
ExaminationHalf Yearly ExamsQuarterly Exams
RecognitionIndiaValid in over 170 countries
Approximate cost (Training + Examination)160K200K
Course Duration5 years1-3 years depending upon the number of exemptions granted

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